101Smart Ltd.

Our Approach

What areas do we serve?

WalkerMac is based in the UK, but with a worldwide network. So, if you are an AgriTech owner, founder, start-up, investor or research institute interested in working with us then please get in touch.

What can we do for your business?

WalkerMac works with your organisation to determine what solutions are needed, solidify meaningful milestones, then build a plan for how to develop them and get them implemented.  We recognise the hardest part of innovation is deciding where to start, which is the best place for us to engage.

WalkerMac works with the whole supply chain to advise, recommend and support advancements for your business.

What can we do for investors?

Our experience coupled with decades of industry relationships, business management, custom service and start-ups help make WalkerMac the perfect partner to guide your investments into the Ag-centric market.

What can we do for Startups?

WalkerMac has a wealth of industry experience and established connections, providing a great platform for start-ups. We have the insight to ensure your product meets the needs of our portfolio of clients and we will help you implement a strategy locally or internationally necessary for success.

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